What People are Saying

If you look at my site on Amazon.com, you can read more indepth critiques of “Mother Has Alzheimer’s.” But here are a few of the comments.

Bev wrote: Wonderful, touching book written by Betsy Tacchella. Her scriptural references and explanations can be applied in many varied situations. I heartily recommend this book.

Nancy wrote: Encouraging, practical, spiritual….immersed in the hope found in the Christian perspective ! I would pass this on to persons with other crises and challenges, even mental illness situations, because of the truths that are woven throughout!

Inspired wrote: You will not be able to put it down! Betsy Tacchella is a gifted author, teacher and speaker…this book is a great read!

Mike wrote: Her thoughtful, loving, sometimes comical yet deeply painful experience and her descriptions of God’s provision warmed my heart and gave me hope for my own journey through difficult times.

Elizabeth wrote: Betsy’s authentic, transparent examination of the many layers of her response to her mother’s Alzheimer’s … offers a true look at the perplexing demise of those afflicted with this disease. This book is an important tool for family members and friends set adrift in a turbulent sea they feel unprepared to navigate. An anchor of hope, it deserves to be read, re-read….

Nanci wrote:  I picked up the book, and could not put it down until I had finished reading it.

Laura wrote: This was a very good read! I laughted. I cried. Mostly, I was amazed how Betsy wove the gospel message throughout her book and presented such Hope in the midst of a tremendously sad and difficult situation.

Sandy wrote: This book will help you see how to draw on God’s grace as you walk with a loved one down the Alzheimer’s road. You won’t want to put the book down until you’ve read it all.

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