Justice from a New Angle

Bob Sorge’s voice was reduced to a raspy whisper due to a devastating injury to his vocal chords 20 years ago. Being a pastor, this was an overwhelming loss. How could he preach when his voice was diminished to a mere whisper, almost too soft to hear? Bob is an overcomer, who has continued to preach and teach even in the face of excruciating pain with each word.

What I’ve noticed is that God often uses people to the fullest of their potential when they are in the midst of the direst of circumstances. Bob’s messages and books continue to touch the heart of God. With his latest video, Bob tackles the subject of justice in a way that is so refreshing. I’ve listened to it several times because the concept is so compelling and encouraging for anyone waiting for God to act on their behalf. I believe this message is a revelation word from God to enlighten the eyes of our heart. It has definitely proven true in my life. It’s only 7+ minutes and well worth the listen.


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