Olympic Issue

A OlympicsHave you ever heard God’s voice as a voice of conviction and you knew He was right? I have to confess that recently, I lost my biblical perspective and actually enjoyed doing something that is counter to my belief system. We were watching the Olympics and especially enjoy the skiing segments. We all know that there have been some very vocal people from the American Olympic teams who have chosen to use their status as a platform for their vitriol against our president. They are happy to be part of the Olympics representing the American people, but wanted everyone to know they were in no way representing Trump. So, my thinking was, well, I and over 60 million Trump supporters are part of the American people that you are racing for. If you’re going to disrespect our president, then, I will pray that you do poorly in the Olympics. I hope you mess up your events and win no medals. I would rather see a foreign country go home with medals than someone who has contempt for our president. So there!

Throughout the week, I felt a kind of smugness about my prayer. I felt it was right to pray against this kind of outspoken poison. Then, we went out to dinner with some friends Saturday night and during the conversation, I self-righteously expressed how I had been praying a particular Olympian would lose and I gleefully shared how my prayer was answered and they came in 5th in their event which meant…no medal for them.

My friend didn’t say anything to my diatribe but gave me a pained look. I immediately recognized that look as conviction by the Holy Spirit. God was not happy with my attitude. My balloon popped. I knew that wishing and even praying for someone to fail is not a correct biblical response. God reminded me that we’re to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. This person did poorly in her event and was dismayed and I was rejoicing. Right there in the restaurant, I quietly asked God to forgive me. Then I asked Him to bless her in any upcoming events. Later, I thanked my friend for that look and explained how I was convicted of my sin.

It was I who had been on a “slippery slope,” (pun intended) going downhill fast in my witness for Christ. I think there are times when we must be sensitive to and thankful for correction from God. This was that kind of time for me. While I still don’t like anyone’s vocal disdain of our president, I learned it’s important to leave them in God’s hands. By wishing ill on them, was I not doing just what they were doing? Romans 12:14, “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.”

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