A RainstormWe were vacationing in Colorado this summer visiting some relatives and friends. One very rainy morning, we had planned to hike at Staunton State Park. A couple years before we had discovered this park but hadn’t had a chance to hike at that time. As we discussed with my cousins what to do that day, Bill and I decided we wanted to head to the state park despite the rain. We knew we might not get to hike but the 45 minute drive would be filled with great scenery. My cousins looked at us as though we were crazy and decided not to accompany us.

As Bill and I drove away, it was pouring down rain and didn’t let up the whole way to the park. But a funny thing happened. About 20 minutes into the drive, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for dry weather so that we could hike. While this seemed like a strange request since rain was forecast for the whole day, I did pray. As I brought my request to God, I began to sense the playfulness of Jesus. It was as though He told me that I should just watch and wait, that He fully planned to grant my request. I could even envision Him smiling.

We enjoyed the scenery as we traveled but it did rain the entire way to our destination. As we pulled off the highway into the park entrance, I quickly noticed that the road looked dry. The rain had not only stopped suddenly but amazingly, it had not rained at all at the park. We pulled into a parking place, turned off the windshield wipers and headed for the hiking trail. We enjoyed a lovely two mile hike with excellent weather. As we approached our car to return to my cousin’s home, I felt a couple of sprinkles and as soon as we got in the car, there was a downpour.

Several things were obvious from this story. God led me to pray. He delighted in answering the prayer in a way that I couldn’t miss. And I’m pretty sure He got a kick out of doing so.


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