Jubilee Year!

jubileeDid you know that according to the Jewish calendar we are now in the year of 5777? The biblical number seven means completeness, perfection, finished. On our calendar, the year 5777 began in early October 2016 and will continue through most of 2017. While the year 2017 may not be significant to us in America, dates are very important to religious Jews. This particular year, 5777, is especially important because the Sanhedrin in Israel have declared it to be the Year of Jubilee.

So, who are the Sanhedrin? In ancient biblical times, they were the ruling religious counsel of 70 men in Israel. After being dormant for 1600 years, the Sanhedrin officially reconvened in January 2005 and have now declared this year to be the Year of Jubilee.

What does that mean? What is the year of Jubilee? It’s a year of coronation, of crowning, of new authority. It’s a year of restoration, forgiveness, healing, prosperity, and a new cycle. It’s a year of victory, of advancement, completion and wholeness. A year when the lost are restored, chains are broken and people are set free. It’s the year of the Lord’s favor. It’s a year when we can boldly make faith declarations for all of these things.

Previously on my blog, www.betsytacchella.com, I posted about President Trump seeming to be a modern day Cyrus (posted May 4th, 2016). At the time, I was thinking of how God appointed and anointed Cyrus to aid in rebuilding the temple in a Jubilee year. Is it possible that God will use Trump in this Year of Jubilee in a coordinated effort with Israel to do the same thing? The Sanhedrin has been in contact with both Trump and Putin urging them to consider this project. Interestingly, unlike the Arab nations, both of these leaders support the Jewish right to build their temple. This is monumental in prophetic terms. Will this be the year?

Are you familiar with the Temple Institute? This is a Jewish institute in Jerusalem with the sole purpose of meticulously creating all of the implements mentioned in the Bible to be used in the third temple. They also educate the public about the coming temple. Their goal, of course, is to eventually build the 3rd temple. They are diligent and quite serious in their endeavor. You can visit their site and observe the exquisite implements at www.templeinstitute.org. Click on “sacred temple vessels” and allow God to show you His glory. You will thrill as you contemplate their unparalleled beauty.

With this being the Year of Jubilee, it is imperative that we separate ourselves from anything that would hinder our relationship with the Lord. We must prepare our hearts for Jesus return. We must be about advancing the Kingdom of God, laying aside every encumbrance. God has a destiny for each one of us, for our nation, and for Israel.

In the Jewish feasts, the shofar is blown during worship. One of the purposes is that it is used as an instrument of praise. As we await Jesus’ return, let’s enter into praise. If you would like to worship to the shofar, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjU7XW5zpRc .


Notice the events that took place on various historical Jubilee years.

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