Why Write?

writeI wonder how often we hear God’s voice but neglect to write down what he said. Have you ever felt you were to write something down? Perhaps a thought you know wasn’t yours? Or a note of encouragement to someone, a scripture, a letter of comfort, a prophetic word, a fresh idea, an article or even a book? Have you considered where those thoughts come from? Could it be God speaking to you to write, that He wants to use your hand to put words on paper?

In I Chronicles 28, David goes into detail about all the plans for the temple that God has called his son, Solomon, to build. Everything from the porch to the storehouses, the courts to the utensils, even the weight of the gold and silver. David meticulously wrote it all down and then said in verse 19: “All this,” said David, “the Lord made me understand in writing by His hand upon me, all the details of this pattern.” Do you see what this is saying? God prompted David to write, and as he wrote, God gave him understanding.

It reminded me of Daniel 7:1 where God gave Daniel a dream and he wrote it down. He recognized God was speaking to him so he took pen to paper. Daniel recognized his dream was significant. He wrote it down and it has affected generations to come.

Recently, I attended a conference and was prophesied over. At the time, I taped it but when I got home, I wrote it out. That way I could ponder it and pray about it to gain understanding.

When my mother had Alzheimer’s, God prompted me to write down in a journal everything that happened, especially days when I clearly saw Him at work. At the time, it was a kind of therapy, but later, when He asked me to publish it as a book, I had new understanding that He wanted my experience to help others.

In Revelation 1:10-11, John was “in the Spirit” when he heard “a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet saying, “write in a book what you see and send it to the seven churches….” He faithfully wrote prophetic words that still impact people today and give understanding of God’s ways.

A couple years ago, I began writing out scripture. You can too. It’s a good way to start writing. A website that offers monthly writing plans is www.swtblessings.com.

All this to say…has God been calling you to write? Are there things you don’t understand but by writing them, you may gain wisdom? Why not sit down today, pen in hand, and listen for His voice.

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