Jesus in the Dust Storm

dust-storm1A group of Arab Muslims, who were chasing after Christians, unexpectedly faced a terrible dust storm. Suddenly Jesus appeared to them and spoke with a “mighty voice.”

Haroon (not his real name) and 19 other Islamist militants were informed that a group of Christians would be holding a baptism service. They boarded their vehicles and rushed to the site with the intention of killing everyone there. Hoping to instill fear among Christians around the world, their goal was to stop Christianity from spreading to the Muslims in their country.

When they arrived, however, they saw that the Christians, with Pastor Paul from Bibles4Mideast, were already on their bus and on the way back to the church. Instead of giving up the pursuit, the militants chased after the bus and began shooting at it.

Those on the bus wondered if they would die that day and realized the militants had probably wanted to catch them during the baptism to kill them. Somehow, their service had ended early and now they faced peril as their bus was chased. Rizwan, one of the Christians, later reported that without warning, a dust storm formed within seconds and concealed the bus from the militants’ view. They felt as if Jesus himself appeared in the dust storm to block the road and protect them from the militants who eventually stopped chasing and shooting at them. They all praised God and made it back to the church safely. What Pastor Paul and his flock didn’t know was that Jesus had appeared to the militants and spoken to them with a mighty voice.

Haroon, one of the militants, had stopped their vehicles because they couldn’t see a thing as the dust storm raged. “We were unable to move forward,” he said. “but we all got out of our cars and continued shooting through the dust storm.”

Suddenly, Jesus appeared in the midst of the storm and He looked angry. His eyes were like blazing fire as He asked, “Why are you persecuting me? It’s hard for you to kick against the pricks.” His voice was so powerful that when he spoke, a strong wind literally swept the militants off their feet and blew their guns away. Haroon later said the whole thing was a terrible experience.

As they struggled to get up, they realized they couldn’t talk. They felt afraid, yet they felt peace at the same time, an experience that was totally new to all of them. Jesus told them that he “came to the world not to destroy anyone; but to save,” and he told them to “Go in peace.” Then he disappeared, and the dust storm also dissipated.

Understandably shaken, all of them, save for two, praised God, but they argued among themselves about whether what they saw was from God or not.

After the incident, Haroon’s group was no longer assigned to militant activities. Although the experience made him curious about Jesus, Haroon did not put his faith in Christ until a few days later when his family was around a bonfire in the desert. A deadly snake bit his sister, Hajira. When she was rushed to the hospital, doctors said she would die. While Hajira was asleep, an angel appeared to her and told her about Jesus, the Savior and the Healer. She shared the story with Haroon when she woke up, and they both prayed and asked Jesus to save them.

What a surprise it was then when Pastor Paul, who had been on the bus, walked into the room. He said an angel told him to visit them and had even given him their names. Pastor Paul shared the gospel with them, and Haroon and his sister confessed their sins and gave their lives to Christ. He also prayed for Hajira, who was completely healed from the snake bite.

When their father learned about what happened to Hajira, he also surrendered his life to Jesus. Not only did Haroon’s entire family get saved, seventeen of the militants in their group also got saved. They are now praying for the other two to know Christ.

(This story is from Some wording has been changed to make it more readable.)


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