Was This a Healing?

Healing 3When we ask for a healing touch from God, we hope that it will be a miraculous, instant healing where we can excitedly declare His goodness. But what about those times when healing comes slowly or in a different way? Are those also from God? You decide from this story.

For years I suffered with leg pain. It felt like nerves entrapped in muscles and I never knew when or why it would strike. It could occur after I mowed the lawn, played tennis or took a walk, but it could just as easily crop up while sitting watching TV. It had neither rhyme nor reason. Yes, I prayed for many years that it would go away. For a couple years, I had to give up tennis and yard work because the pain was becoming debilitating.

Yes, I prayed often for relief.

My doctor was aware of the problem but dismissed it with no answer for me. When it became too annoying, I asked him again if there was anything to be done. He sent me to an orthopedic doctor who, although he didn’t help me, gave me an interesting piece of information. “Your problem is your hip,” he said, “not your leg.”

My reply, “But the pain is not in my hip, it’s in my leg.”

“It’s your hip,” he repeated.

Not wanting to argue with the doctor, I thought he was nuts, but I submitted to a cortisone shot in my hip because I was desperate for relief. The shot ended up aggravating the pain and I swore I would never put myself through that again even though he said I could return for more shots anytime. I was discouraged by that appointment but I kept thinking about his comment that it was my hip.

Okay, Lord, if it’s my hip, what should I do now?

I asked a friend, Mike Miller, who has the gift of healing if he would pray for me, which he gladly did. Nothing happened immediately, but looking back, I can see God was all over his prayer.

Within a few weeks, a thought began to form in my mind. I kept thinking of NovaCare, a rehabilitation clinic in town. Although my issue was not sports related, every time I thought about my leg, that name kept coming to mind. Was I hearing God’s voice? If it’s really my hip, then maybe they could help. My doctor agreed to give me a referral.

My therapist was great. She gave me seven simple exercises to strengthen my inner core and my legs. After only a few days, I began to notice the pain was diminishing.

Then another thought crossed my mind, If this is really a joint related problem, maybe glucosamine with MSM would also help. So, I began taking one pill a day. It’s a natural product so what could it hurt.

Within a few weeks of exercise and a tablet-a-day, I was pain free and to this day, I continue the regimen of stretching exercises and glucosamine as preventative measures.

Now, I’m in the process of expanding my thinking about healing. Is it possible that there are sometimes stipulations to healing? What about the leper who was told to go and wash seven times in the river and he would be restored? (II Kings 5:10). Or the lame man who was told to get up and pick up his pallet and walk, (John 5:8). All healing requires faith, believing that God can heal and faith implies action.

So, I ask you, did I hear from God and was this a healing? All I can say is: I was in pain and now I am pain free. I’m reminded of the blind man after Jesus healed him when he said in John 9:25, “…one thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

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