The Adventure continues

Mary LouMary Lou had invited me to a breakfast on Alzheimer’s so after I got home, I called to make my reservation knowing God was initiating something. After all, as I had been praying about what to do next with my Alzheimer’s books, knowing I want to reach out to people who are caregivers or family of victims, I had given all my books and potential speaking opportunities to God. “God, if my books go anywhere, I need you to initiate opportunities.”

Blackaby says, When God prepares to do something, He reveals it to people. And even our desire to do good things comes from God.

Since Mary Lou had also given me the name of someone I should call at Holy Cross, I decided God may be initiating there too. After looking up the number of the person she mentioned, I realized he was the president of the school. As I dialed the number, I assumed a secretary would answer so I was surprised when the president himself answered. We had a nice chat as I told him of my Alzheimer book and made myself available to speak to his classes. He seemed excited and gave me the name of a teacher to call.

On the day of the breakfast, which was way earlier than I go anywhere, I arrived to a fully occupied banquet room in South Bend. Arrangements had been made for me to sit at Mary Lou’s table for which I was thankful as I didn’t know anyone else. After introducing me to a few of her friends, I asked if Brother Paige, the president of Holy Cross, was there. She pointed him out and I made a beeline for his table. He was very gracious as I reminded him of our phone conversation and he was eager to introduce me to others at his table who taught in his school. One teacher was especially interested, took my card and said she would call me.

The next day, I received a call from her asking if I would come and talk to her class about my experience with Alzheimer’s. We made an appointment for mid November.

Let me back up a minute and share how prayer has been important in this process. During the summer I had prayed a number of times asking God to open doors for me to speak. Earlier in the year, I had a number of opportunities but during the summer, all was quiet. I had tried to think of how I could make something happen, what local churches I could approach, but nothing seemed right.

Blackaby says, Prayer is not primarily for us to tell God what we want Him to do. It is for God to adjust our lives so we can be God’s instrument. When God began opening doors through Mary Lou, I was keenly aware that He was at work, had a different plan than mine, and was taking me down a path I had never imagined. He was answering my prayer by adjusting me.

Blackaby also says, The problem when we pray is that we often don’t relate it to anything that subsequently happens. I know that has been true in my life at times, but this time I was acutely aware. Although I was not expecting God to open a door in South Bend, when He did, I definitely related the whole incident back to my prayer that He would open doors for me to speak.

The day I spoke at Holy Cross turned out to be one of the most delightful opportunities I have had. The students, some of whom may end up working with elderly people with dementia, were an eager audience. They respectfully listened to my journey and took meticulous notes. After I finished my talk, their well thought out questions allowed for further sharing. In all, it was a great time.

I hope you can see how God spoke to me, directed, and led in this whole scenario. What can be better than God initiating in our lives? I wonder what he’ll do next? Well, actually, I do have a new assignment from Him. Thursday, December 10th, I will be on live TV in South Bend at 9:00AM on the Harvest Show, part of LeSea’s television station. Another adventure in God!

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