The Important Question

Question markI just finished reading a book by Ravi Zacharias, “The Grand Weaver”. It’s about how God shapes the events of our lives.  In the middle of the book, Ravi asks a powerful question, one that he says is the most important question we can ask ourselves. The question is the same one that Pilate asked of Jesus but didn’t wait for an answer, “What is truth?”

There are many “so-called” truths out there, and some people feel there are no absolute truths in the world. How would you answer that question? What is truth?

For me, there is one sure truth and that is that Jesus is exactly who He says He is and that He is the only one who can truly offer an abundant life here and eternal life to come.

In Matthew 12, there is a phrase that is repeated three times. It would be easy to dismiss the phrase because what follows each one might take some thought to figure out. Many times, I have passed over this section. God spoke a powerful lesson to me as Ravi unlocked the meaning of each phrase, a lesson that led me to bow before the One who is ultimate truth, the One who is greater than anyone or anything. Take a look at these three verses.

Matt. 12:6 “But I say to you that something greater than the temple is here.”

Matt. 12:41 “…and behold, something greater than Jonah is here.”

Matt. 12:42 “…and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.”

Do you see the comparison? In all three verses, we are told something greater is here and all, of course, are speaking of Jesus.

But I had to ask, why did Jesus say He was greater than the temple? In those days, God was only worshipped in the temple, but now Jesus was saying He could be worshipped anywhere, not just in a building, not just at an altar. He alone was the object of all worship, the One whose name could be lifted up anywhere, anytime. Yes, the truth is: He is greater than the temple.

Then, why did Jesus say He was greater than Jonah? Jonah had survived three days and nights in a big fish, truly a miracle, but Jesus, after His three days in the tomb burst forth to conquer death for all time and proved it by rising from the grave. Yes, the truth is: He is greater than Jonah.

Again, why did Jesus say He was greater than Solomon? Solomon was the wisest man of his time yet his life was not lived out by his wisdom. In the end, Solomon was only half-hearted toward God. Jesus, on the other hand, lived a perfect life and practiced pure, unwavering wisdom in every situation. Yes, the truth is: Jesus is greater than Solomon.

Jesus is greater than any religion, any miracle, and any religious teacher. He is the ultimate truth in every situation. Truly, with Jesus, something greater is here.


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