True Delight

HugCinda Miller, a friend of mine, tells this sweet story as a reminder of how much God delights in each one of us.

Last weekend, Loren and I picked up Jasmine from harp camp. This was her third year going and it is a great opportunity for her, but after 12 days without my baby girl, I am always so excited to see her and have her back home again. The first year that she went to camp, my heart was melted by her. Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely adore my children and smother them with lots of gushy, mushy, hugs and kisses, sometimes to their embarrassment. As they have gotten older, I have become aware that this is not always appreciated, especially in public settings. Because of this, I have tried to pull back a little.

When the 12 days were up, the first year, and we arrived at camp to pick up Jasmine, I told myself I would only give her a little hug and kiss and not embarrass her in front of all the girls and her counselor. To my surprise and delight, as soon as we stopped in front of her door, my daughter came running out and threw her arms around my neck, hugging me tighter and longer than ever before. I was a puddle of melted butter. It was the best thing a momma could experience.The second year was the same. As soon as we pulled up, my sweet girl was running to my arms. Oh so melted again! It is something I will never tire of experiencing.

Last Sunday was the day, the last day of camp. There is an end of camp concert, which is always done beautifully. The harp is such a beautiful, peaceful instrument and to hear several of them strumming together is definitely music to my soul. I was excited to hear my daughter and her friends play. I was excited to bring my daughter home, but the excitement and anticipation of possibly getting another awesome Jasmine greeting far exceeded any other excitement. I was so excited that my heart was beating faster than normal.

Loren seemed to be driving too slowly. We missed the turn to her cabin and had to turn around. The short delay seemed like forever. I looked for her carefully as we passed by each cabin and each girl in the campground. Where was she? Is she looking for me? Is she excited to see me? Will I get my amazing embrace? We saw her cabin and before we were even stopped, I could see the form of a girl running from inside the cabin. I wasn’t even out of the car yet. She flew out the door and into my arms. Her hug was so tight that it almost choked me. Her long hair was all in my face. I hugged her back so tightly, kissing her and kissing her and telling her how much I love her and missed her. I even missed her hair. I could have soaked in that moment forever.

Over the next few days , I replayed the special moment over and over in my mind. I wanted to relive it and tuck it in a place in my heart where I would never forget it. Each thought was a precious page in my heart’s memory book of my child. The strong, long hug, the sweet kisses, the heart that missed me, the run to me, the run……. My mind rested there for a moment. It seemed that Jasmine was running to me before she even saw me. I knew she really wasn’t but by how quickly she ran, it occurred to me just how intently and constantly she must have been watching for me. She didn’t even know exactly when I would arrive, but as soon as I did, she knew it.

As I thought about this, the Lord showed me several things. The excitement and intently watching for each other is how Jesus watches for us. His desire and love for us to find Him and be with Him is indescribable! He adores you and loves to be with you so much. He looks for you and is watching for you. He sees you even before you are actually there. He can hardly wait to have a deep relationship with you, His bride. Jesus is excited about you and delights in you. At the same time, Jasmine anticipated also. As children of God, we can know and anticipate that our Father is coming for us. He will be there. We are safe with him and can trust him. He holds us tightly, no matter what is going on in life. Watch for him, my friend, and when you see him…….RUN TO HIM!! Bury your face in his shoulder and hold on to his neck tightly. You won’t choke him. He loves it when his children come to him.

These are some verses that God showed me with this experience. There are many more that we can learn and be encouraged from, but I hope these speak to you. Be blessed! You are something to be excited about!!!

Psalm 149:4, “For the Lord takes delight in his people, he crowns the humble with victory.”
Zephaniah 3:17, “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”
Psalm 42:1, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

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