How is Your Prayer Life?

Prayer 3If I were to ask you, “How is your prayer life?” my guess is that everyone would answer, “It could be better.”

One problem is that sometimes we pray and don’t really expect anything to happen. Another is that when something does happen, we fail to connect it with the prayer we have prayed. What if we make a decision today to not only expect answers, but that we will be intentionally watching to see what God will do. Would that not change our excitement about prayer? Wouldn’t it make sense that if God is intimately involved in a personal relationship with us that He would not purposely ignore us when we make a request, that He would in time do or say something to draw us closer to Him? So, after we pray, how about we immediately begin to watch for what God does next.

In her blog, a friend, Kathy, recently diagnosed with ALS, has been seeking God. She expected to hear from Him and her heart was settled, when a scripture verse came to mind.

Here’s her story: It all began with a slur. One word; one evening. Then, a few days later, another. When asked if he noticed it, my skeptical son said “It’s all in your head, mom.” Little did he know how prophetic those word were.

That was early winter 2014. In February I remarked to some ladies I was singing with that my voice was shot. I could hear the notes, but couldn’t sing. That bummed me out! I love to sing. “Oh well, probably sinuses,” I mused.

I have never visited the doctor much. In fact, I try to  steer clear of them. But, that winter, I was on the run. Everyone had a different opinion and all wanted to run tests. Maybe it’s sinuses, or reflux, or dysphonia… blah, blah blah. The neurologist said that I was as “ fit as a fiddle.” Oh goody… without music.

By summer I had lost more of my voice and speaking was a chore. My breathing was also labored. But, I felt fine! I could work outside (my benchmark of wellness). And, since no one thought there was anything wrong with me, I chalked it up to old age. In my prayer time though, I cried out to God over and over “What is wrong with me?” My spirit felt such turmoil.  I wanted my voice, I NEEDED it!  Why didn’t I get answers.

Then, finally in December I got a rhema (personal, God-given) word: “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” Psalm 27:14

 Finally a direction. I can do this. I can wait until you tell me what to do. And, even though my friends encouraged and chided me to DO something, I could reply that God told me to wait. I had peace. Little by little he directed me….and unrolled the puzzle of my diagnosis very slowly.

What He wanted from me was intimacy. He wanted me to sit at His feet. So, all winter long that’s what I did. And, our love grew more each day, until I could fully trust Him. Trust Him for the next rhema word that came in May. But that’s another story.

 Therefore, I lay down on the altar the stone named “ wait”  to remind my children that God is jealous for our hearts and His timing is perfect.

You can read more by Kathy at:


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