Joy of Discovery

SwingHave you ever watched a child in the process of discovery and observed the sheer joy it brings? I had the delightful privilege of watching my five year old grandson as he experienced a “first” in his young life. Since we live two hours away, that doesn’t often happen.

The other adults had moved away from the swing set leaving only Jacob and me. He was showing me some tricks on the bar as he monkeyed his way to the top of a high bar.

“Can you push yourself on the swing,” I asked, “or do you still need someone to push you?

“I need you to push me, Grandma.”

“All you have to do is swing your legs back and forth, Jacob. Want to try it?”

I’m sure his parents had told him that before but this time he caught it. Back and forth he went until he was flying high. Oh, such gleeful joy, the glory of discovery!

“Look, Grandma, I can do it myself. I’m swinging high, aren’t I?”

“You sure are, Jacob! Great job!”

A moment I will always remember and cherish. A sort of grandma bonding moment. A shared moment of gleeful abandon.

Is that kind of joy what God feels when He observes our “Aha” moments? When we discover something new, does it thrill him too? I like to believe it does.

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