What are the Heavens Saying?

Bethelem starDoes God still speak through His creation? Perhaps you have been intrigued with the many wonders that are taking place in the sky… blood moons on Jewish holidays, solar eclipses, and recently on June 30th the convergence of Venus and Jupiter giving the appearance of what has been called, the Bethlehem star. Psalm 19:1 reminds us that “The heavens are telling of the glory of God, and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”

Today I want to talk about the June 30th, appearance of that bright star in the sky. A friend of mine did some research and came up with some interesting information. First, Venus and Jupiter have been in conjunction with each other 3000 times since the birth of Christ but on June 30th 2015, the angle was different which caused the appearance of the ‘Christmas star,’ the first time since Jesus’ birth that this phenomenon has occurred. That is certainly noteworthy in itself.

Searching the zodiac signs from astronomy (not to be confused with astrology), she wondered which stars were closest to the planets Venus and Jupiter. Finding their conjunction very close to Leo‘s foot, between Cancer and above Hydra, she was intrigued enough to look up the meanings of these stars names in Bullinger’s Witness of the Stars. Her findings were significant.

The Cancer or Crab star picture has the interesting title of “Messiah’s redeemed possessions held fast”. There are a great many stars in the middle with the ancient name of ‘multitude or offspring’. The brighter stars in Hebrew mean the ‘sheltering’, ‘assembled thousands’ and ‘holding’. Putting it all together, it could mean we, the body of Christ, are His possession and He is sheltering, holding and keeping us secure. Maybe the coming rapture is part of our protection.

Then on to Leo the Lion of Judah… He triumphs and is the closing sign in the circle of the zodiac. The closest star to the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is Regulus. Another friend noted, that Regulus is called the “Kingly Star” and is the heart of the lion (Leo). Regulus means “treading underfoot” and also the “judge or Lord who cometh.’ ‘The exaltation’ and ‘shining forth’ are also other stars in Leo. He (Jesus) is coming for the rending of His prey, Bullinger comments.

It is Hydra’s head under the crushing foot of the Lion of Judah. Hydra means ‘he is abhorred’. Other star names in the serpent picture are the ‘separated’, ‘the put away’, ‘the piercing of the deceiver’. The destruction of the serpent and all his seed, and all his works are consummated.

I think believers can thank God that He still declares His glory in the heavens. We are witnesses by attention to these star names that God knows what is ahead and we are under His care. While judgment may be on His immediate calendar, He will defeat the plans of hell and judge those who have rebelled.

The stars seem to be indicating that the Messiah is coming, soon.

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