Kisses from Katie1

Have you ever read a book about a person whose life seems so productive, so in tune with God, so clearly a call and come away thinking you are not doing anything meaningful for the Lord? I was tempted to think that when I recently read “Kisses for Katie,” by Katie Davis. This is the true story of a young girl in her late teens who felt a strong call to go to Uganda to live and minister to children. At the age of nineteen, she left her comfortable suburban American life, flew to Uganda, bought a house, and soon had adopted fourteen, yes 14 children. With the help of some trusted locals, she began a non-profit to educate several hundred children, all because God spoke to her to go to Africa and show children the love of God.

Katie spent her days loving and caring for children…children whose parents had abandoned them, died from AIDS, street children who were filthy with extended stomachs, full of worms, malnourished, children whose feet were infested with jiggers which she painstakingly removed. These were the poorest of the poor.

But Katie had heard God’s voice at an early age. She was clearly called by God to go and minister to some of the most desperate people on planet earth…and she cheerfully heeded the call. She bathed multitudes of children daily, fed them, cuddled them and taught them about Jesus. Katie became “Mommy” to a whole village.

She also brought food to dying people, a grandmother who had AIDS and TB who lived in a 4 x 4 dirt floor house of cardboard, feeble babies whose mother’s had no food. She prayed for and nourished a blind, lame child back to sight and helped her to walk.

So, I have to look at my life and determine some things. I am not caught up in comparison because each of us has specific calls on our lives to serve others. I like the reminder of II Corinthians 10:12 that it’s not wise to compare yourself with others. While Katie’s call is not mine, her book was an opportunity to consider whether I am heeding God’s voice for things He is calling me to accomplish. We are not here just to boost ourselves. Life was never meant to be all about “me.” We are each here to fulfill our own specific call from God. It will be different for each of us, unique to our individuality. But one thing for sure…it will involve serving others.

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