Opportunity at Taylor University

CollegeHave you ever been in a public place and had an odd feeling that you were supposed to talk to someone? It happened to me again recently. We had traveled to Upland, IN to attend Grandparent’s Day at Taylor University with one of our granddaughters who is a freshman there. During a break, while she attended two classes that are above my brain function…Computer coding and Calculus… Bill and I strolled over to the Student Union for a drink.

One of the things we were hoping to do while on campus was to attend a class or two in Biblical studies. Our daughter, Kim, had led us to one class earlier. Since Bill and I teach Bible and we were at a Christian college, we hoped for another class in that sphere, but we didn’t know how to make that happen.

As I settled into a comfy chair in the Student Union, I couldn’t help but notice the two men sitting next to me were thoroughly engrossed in conversation in an unknown language. My interest was piqued.  Is that you nudging me, Lord? Ok, here I go.

Noting they both looked Oriental, I wondered where they were from, so I turned to them as they paused in their discussion, “May I ask what language you are speaking?”

With broad smiles, they both replied, “Korean.”

They seemed eager to engage so I pursued. “Are you professors here?”

“Yes,” replied one. “I teach Spanish.” That only led to more in our exchange. How odd that a Korean would teach Spanish. I learned that he spoke three languages and was now learning Chinese.

Then I inquired of the other man, “And what do you teach?”

I knew God was right in the midst of our conversaton when he quickly replied, “Biblical Studies.”

“My Master’s is in Biblical Studies,” I replied. “Do you have any more classes today that we might be able to attend?”

“Yes,” he eagerly said, “I’m heading to one on Biblical History in just a few minutes and since several students will be absent as they prepare for a concert, I will have room for you. You’re welcome to come.” Then with a twinkle in his eye, he added “but I might be intimidated to have a scholar like you in my class.”

I just smiled.

Awesome…God knew our desire to attend a class of this sort. We did not know of any that would be available. A simple nudge from God to begin a conversation ended in us attending a very interesting and challenging class on the topic of “Election,” interestingly a subject I needed some clarification on.

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