A Cell Phone Mystery

PhoneHave you ever noticed how God seems to be involved in even the mundane, every day details of life? For instance, the other day I tried to turn my phone on and it simply would not respond. After several attempts, I decided it must be dead so I plugged it in. The battery light didn’t ignite so I thought it must be really dead.

Ok, I’ll need to phone the Verizon store to talk to our sales person who can tell me what to do. I was envisioning a drive to her store to get help. Since I couldn’t seem to locate her number in my file, I went to Bill’s home office to search for the number in a phonebook. Opening his file drawer, where he keeps the phonebook, I found it stuffed down in a hanging file near the front. It was not readily obvious. Even with the phonebook, however, I could not find a number to call but I did notice there was some kind of file stuck between the pages. At the time, I thought that was an unusual place for Bill to leave one of his business files.

Going on with my day, I decided to wait till Bill got home to ask him for the number. Later, I wasn’t thinking about my phone when he arrived home but I heard him rustling through papers on his desk obviously looking for something. “Betsy, I can’t seem to find a file that I need this afternoon. I have no idea where it could be.”

I walked into his office and said, “I think I know where it is.” I’m sure he wondered how in the world I would know that. I opened his file drawer, pulled out the stuffed down phone book, pointed to the folder and said, “Is this it?”

Sigh of relief from Bill but wondering how I knew where it was. With that, I told him about my phone and wanting to call for service. He picked up my phone, pushed the button for it to come on and it promptly responded; suddenly it was just fine. Interesting…

It’s at times like these that I see God’s hand. If my phone had worked that morning, I wouldn’t have been looking up a number for service. If I hadn’t looked in Bill’s phonebook, I wouldn’t have noticed the missing file. If I hadn’t noticed the missing file, Bill might still be wondering where it was. To me, this is God caring about the smallest details of our lives.

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