The Potter

Potter“Have you not brought this on yourself…(Jer. 2:17)?” Ouch! Who wants to admit the situation they’re in is something they brought on themselves? I was feeling overwhelmed by my schedule, to the point that I had lost my peace. So, I knew I needed to come before the Lord to hear His voice. Interesting that He first led me to Jer. 2:17. After squiggling a bit, I had to agree with Him that it described my dilemma. But, aren’t we thankful that He doesn’t leave us there?

The next verse He gave me was so inviting. Jer. 18:2, “Arise and go down to the potters house, and there I will cause you to hear My word.” The potter’s house…that’s where the potter molds the clay into a container according to His specifications. I pictured God at the wheel fashioning and shaping me into a useful vessel, me submitting in trust. Instantly, a song welled up in my heart. Could that be the Holy Spirit speaking to me, calling me to worship?  Maybe you recognize the song. “I give glory to your name, O Lord, glory to your name, O Lord, for Your name is great and greatly to be praised.”

As I sang, I began to feel connected to the Potter again. I’ve noticed that when I detach from the Potter, it seems the first thing to go is peace. Now, peace welled up in my heart, joy returned, and I sensed His overwhelming love for me. He gave me perspective; He gave me a song, a new focus on Him. He would order my schedule one day at a time. I need not be weighed down. His glory unleashed when in the hands of the Potter.

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