Stepping Out on a Limb

Lone tree 2Every week in my Bible study, I ask the ladies to share “God Sightings.” This is a time of faith building as we hear what God is doing in each other’s lives. Mary Ann is one who listens for God’s voice and has blessed us many times with how He has led her and how she has responded. Here’s one of her stories.

Sometimes it’s ok to eavesdrop. I was sitting at the doctor’s office biding my time, waiting for a three hour glucose screening. There was a very young couple next to me, and I couldn’t help but over-hear their rather heated conversation. I knew God wanted me to do something when I sensed the familiar leading of the Holy Spirit. Of course, just as quickly, I could feel my resistance.

So, I waited patiently and listened to their conversation a bit. It seemed they were having some family issues, and they each had different feelings about the problem. They started to argue, adding a few colorful words here and there. At one point she asked him to leave. I took a deep breath, prayed God would help me not look like the crazy eavesdropping lady, and moved to the chair next to hers. “Would it be ok if I shared a story with you?” I asked.

When they agreed, I proceeded to tell them of a similar incident in our family and how my husband and I had decided to handle the situation. We had been on different pages as well, and I thought my account fit perfectly into what they were fighting about. They listened attentively. Then I asked if it would be okay if I prayed for them for wisdom in their situation.

After a short prayer, what happened next just floored me. They started being playful with one another, even joking. At one point she was sitting on his lap. It was so cool to watch them. Once again, I was reminded that if I had chosen not to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, I would have missed such a huge blessing. If the Holy Spirit is asking us to do something, it’s probably not random but rather for a purpose. He wants us to cooperate with His plans and enjoy the blessing. It’s easy to let the fear of rejection intimidate us. But God has empowered us to walk past our feelings. Jesus wanted to show that couple how much He loves them that day in the doctor’s office. He could have done it without me, but I’m sure glad He didn’t. Stepping out on a limb can seem precarious, but with God directing, it can be a joyful experience.

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