Cross Pollination

Pumpkin plant

We need people. It’s as simple as that. My friend, Cindy, explains this need in a unique way. She had acquired two pumpkin plants, but sadly, one of them died. While the other one lived and had leaves, it bore no fruit. Not understanding, I asked her why. She explained that without the other plant, there would be no cross pollination, and without cross pollination, there would be no fruit. Cindy is a person who sees spiritual lessons in many of life’s experiences, so I knew further explanation was forthcoming.    

“It’s the same with relationships,” Cindy explained. “Just as two pumpkins need each other to bear fruit, so we, as believers, also need one another.”

One of the beautiful aspects of my relationship with Cindy is that we have been cross pollinating for years. God will show her something, and she will bless me with what He said. Then, He will speak into my life, and I will share it with her. I love that about our friendship. I think that’s the way God meant friendships to be…cross pollinating and thereby, bearing fruit. 

By ourselves, we may look good just as the pumpkin plant was green and had leaves, but where was the fruit? People need people. Many times, God will speak to us through other people and use the message to pollinate our life. I imagine we can all think of events in our lives where this kind of transaction has taken place.  (Story taken from my book, Speak to Me, Lord, I’m Listening)


One thought on “Cross Pollination

  1. This is beautiful and so true, Betsy. You’ve helped so many bear fruit through “cross pollination” — myself included! I’m anxious to get your book in my hands. God Bless You as you bless others!

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