Hearing God in a Coffee Shop

Colorado 155

Sitting in a coffee shop in Parker, Colorado, I was enjoying my Mocha coffee as I read a book on my Kindle. Next to me, I was aware there were two older ladies chatting together. Not meaning to eavesdrop, I picked up a couple of words from their conversation that tweaked my interest. They were talking about Stephen’s Ministry, a wonderful one on one ministry giving hope and care to people going through a difficult time. I have been privileged to speak to Stephen’s ministers a couple times, sharing with them my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s. The groups have been very responsive to my book and its helpful principles.

As I sat there in the coffee trying to mind my own business, I heard that all too familiar voice…God prompting me to introduce myself to these two ladies. Meeting new people is fun for me, so I ventured to their table and explained I had overheard them mention Stephen’s ministry. Going on to tell them about my book, “Mother Has Alzheimer’s,” and how it offers hope in the midst of loss, one of the ladies interest was immediately peaked. She explained that her husband was showing signs of Alzheimer’s and she would love to have one of my books. She needed hope and help. She was happy to know I had some with me and immediately sent me to my car to retrieve one for her. Later she commented, “Betsy, I feel God led you to this coffee shop this morning to sit where you did so that you would overhear our conversation. This is a divine appointment to have your book.” 

Of course, I was pleased to know that my book would bring her the help she was looking for, but more delighted with the opportunity to hear God’s voice urging me to step out where He was leading me. He knew there was a blessing He wanted to impart to both my new friend and myself.

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