Coincidence or God?

Do you believe in coincidences? I think it’s much more interesting to look at those kinds of situations as God speaking to me. For instance, recently I “felt strongly led” to send a friend an affirming email. In it, I told her how much I appreciated her and what a kind person I felt she was. Later that week, when we had a conversation, she expressed how timely my email was for her. The very day it arrived she had just been viciously accused of something she was innocent of doing. She said receiving my affirming email was like balm to the wound. It gave her confidence that she was not the bad person someone had portrayed her as. Was it coincidence or was it God nudging me to send my friend an email of encouragement that day?

Another “coincidence” happened when Bill and I were out to lunch with a couple from another town, one we see all too seldom. As we caught up on our lives, most of our conversation was around the Lord. We were very animated and upbeat as we shared His goodness in our lives. As we ate our lunch, a lady near our table was leaving the restaurant but stopped by our table to say she couldn’t help be aware of the peace that seemed to be over our table as she had watched us (and probably heard parts of our conversation). God had spoken a sense of peace to her that gave her hope. Was it a coincidence that she heard us talking and sensed peace or was it God bringing her a sense of hope through what she observed?

Still another time, I “happened” to be talking to a friend at the coffee shop. In passing, she mentioned she and her husband would be alone for a holiday. When I got home, I “felt led” to phone her and invite them to join us for dinner on that day. She was delighted and we were able to rekindle an old friendship. Was it just by chance that I ran into her or did God set it up and speak to me to invite them over?

I think it’s important to watch for “God Sightings,” to be pro-active in our awareness of God speaking to us, to cooperate with His plans for our day. At the beginning of each of my Bible studies, I invite the ladies to share something they have observed God doing in their lives. We have all been enriched by the fresh stories that have been shared each week.


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